PHYS441: Quantum Physics Autumn 2013

Syllabus from 2012 (incl. HW set 1 part 1 assignment, and Intro text and handout) and Figures; Syllabus 2013 is identical except TA office hours:

the TA is James Kunert, room B157 (in the Physics building across the grass plaza from the lecture halls). His phone there is 206-543-6949, and he will hold the same office hours as in the 2012 handout on the website (5:30-7 PM Mondays and Wednesdays, and by appointment). My own office hours are Mon/Wed. 9-10 PM and by appointment.

Course Schedule for 2013

Wave Mechanics Handout

HWset1Part2 assignment

List of skills for Exam 1

HW set 1 solutions

Exam1 solutions

Handouts: Hilbert space,   note that there is a superfluous squaring in the numerator of the equation for lambda on p. 12

  Harmonic Oscillator, Angular Momentum, Hydrogen Atom and Bell Inequality , with pictures

Lecture with miscellaneous goodies, atomic structure and red shifts of the spectra  and MoreOnAngularMomentum

HW set 2 Part 1 assignment; other HW assigned throughout the Handouts; concepts for EXAM 2

HW set 2 solutions