PHYS441: Quantum Physics Autumn 2014

Update Nov. 26: HW set 2 solutions, the Note on Matrices in QM (previously distributed by EMAIL), and slides for today's Thanksgiving lecture (the first slide is an improved and corrected Fig. 34 from the Handout, the second slide contains a comprehensive picture of the hydrogen spectra).

Update Nov. 12: HW set2 assignment and DRAFT of the Hilbert Space Extra are available.

Update Nov. 10: Exam 1 solutions available

Update Oct. 30 available. Note, in problem 3, the horizontal fraction line should stop before the potential V (i.e. V should not be divided by psi)

Update Oct. 27, 2014 Hwset1Part1 solutions available

Update Oct. 19,2014:

The syllabus, Lecture notes and corresponding Figures are in the two packages you obtained from the RAMs Copy Center. In class last week, I distributed an update, with lecture on the expectation values and with additional homework assignments for EXAM 1, also the Course Schedule – these are linked to from here as a backup I case you missed that class.

In the text, please fix the typesetting problem in the Taylor expansion, and remove the extra multiplication by t in the expression for the time-dependent part of the Schrodinger equation.

In addition to the quantitative problems, you may be asked to briefly explain the main concepts introduced in the lectures.

There are many animations of various quantum-mechanical features available on the web. The one I used for the piece-wise-constant potentials (and will use again on Monday) is at