Science, and Music, with Exuberance and Humility

(For a sample lecture on this weighty subject see the transcript of a talk delivered at UW in Winter 2004. The JANUS essay contains an overview of the Basic Problem.)

Role of Music in all this:

Exuberance and Humility in the music of J.S.Bach:

Bach left us an immortal legacy of Art of Fugue, Well-Tempered Clavier, Goldberg Variations, Musical Offering, .... . He combined supreme 'mathematical' ability to weave many voices together, with an overwhelming beauty and aesthetic feeling. When a committee was considering what to send on the Voyager probe as example of human music, someone suggested to send nothing but Bach. This was turned down since 'that would be bragging' ...

The Art of Fugue is, in fact, a Triple Art of Fugue:
- art of writing a fugue       - art of playing a fugue       - art of listening to a fugue

See the Program Notes of an Art of Fugue organ recital, preceded by a series of three lectures delivered at UW in Spring 2004.
(see also Goedel Escher Bach by D. Hofstadter; and  )

For a reasonably coherent article on Music and Physics see .
For a transcript of a somewhat lighthearted (after-dinner) lecture on the same subject see