Phys 224, Spring 2003:
Thermal Physics  

(Physics A-Wing, Room 110, MWF 10:30)

Professor Matt Strassler
Office: Physics B403 (fourth floor, east end)
Office Phone: 616-9649
Email: strassler@phys.washington.edu
My main website is http://www.phys.washington.edu/~strasslr.


Exam Info 


  The form of the midterm: same as the quizzes, only longer.  There will
be two questions of four parts each.  Formulas will be provided.  You will
do calculations and give explanations.  You need only a pen and a
calculator.  It is a closed book, closed note exam.


  My exams are designed so that the average --- AVERAGE --- grade
will be about 50 percent.  That means that a failing grade is down
near 20 percent, and 40-60 percent is perfectly respectable.  Partial
credit will be generously provided; if your technique is right and
you make a calculational error, you will still do well.

  On each question, the first part is pretty easy, the second and third
parts are challenging, and the fourth part is very hard.

  Therefore, the proper technique for this exam is to make sure you
can do the easier parts of the two questions!!!!

  Only the truly exceptional students will be able to do the last
part of either question.  DO NOT TRY UNLESS YOU HAVE FINISHED
EVERYTHING ELSE!! or unless you're whizzing through the exam and
have lots of time.

  There will be a page of scrap paper provided; you can also use
the backs of the pages.  Please BOX ANSWERS AND SHOW WORK, legibly,
to maximize the partial credit provided.

  Finally, remember that I will give you benefit of doubt if you
do much worse on one midterm/final question than on the others.
So all is not lost if you have a bad day!  Relax and do your best.

  Good luck everyone, and study well!