INT summer school: student talks

  • Jens Langelage: Strong coupling expansions in pure lattice Yang-Mills theory at finite temperature
  • Joaquin Drut: Critical temperature for deconfinement in 2+1-d SU(N) Georgi-Glashow model
  • Andreas Athenodorou: The closed string spectrum of SU(N) gauge theoriese in 2+1 dimensions
  • Marcus Tassler Real Time Lattice Simulations and Heavy Quarkonia beyond Deconfinement
  • Daping Du Fisher Zeros in SU (2) Lattice Gauge Theory
  • Ahmad Hosseinizadeh Excited States in Lattice Gauge Theories
  • Paula Perez Rubio The Schrodinger Functional running coupling with 4 flavours of staggered quarks
  • Heeching Na Bottom and Charmed Baryon Mass Spectrum
  • Elizabeth Freeland Heavy quark masses from 3-flavor lattice QCD
  • Bernhard Musch Transverse Momentum Distributions of Quarks from the Lattice using Extended Gauge Link Operators
  • Daniel Grunewald Lattice QCD near the Light Cone
  • Mike Buchoff Chiral Perturbation Theory for Anisotropic Wilson Lattices
  • Jyotirmoy Maiti Partially Quenched Lattice QCD with Two Degenerate Dynamical Light Wilson Quarks
  • Jon Bailey Making Sense of Staggered Light-Quark Baryons: Insights from the Quark Model ( PPT ).
  • Joe Wasem Applications of the Epsilon Regime to Lattice QCD .
  • Eike Hermann Mueller Heavy-Light Form Factors on the Lattice .
  • Philipp Gerhold The Phase Structure of a Chirally Invariant Lattice Higgs-Yukawa Model .

  • Stephen Sharpe
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