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Testing fundamental symmetries of nature
      using low-energy atomic physics experiments

Faculty & Post-Docs:
Graduate Students & Undergraduates:

Prof Norval Fortson  (email)
Pete Morcos  (email)
Prof Blayne Heckel  (email) Jeff Sherman  (email)
Prof Warren Nagourney  (email) Matt Swallows  (email)

Dr Amar Andalkar  (email) Eryn Cook  (email)
Dr Clark Griffith  (email) Mayumi Fugami  (email)
Dr Anna Markhotok  (email)

Recent Graduate Students:
Recent Faculty & Post-Docs:

Mike Schacht  (email)  Ph.D. 2000
Prof Michael Romalis  (email)
    (now at Princeton University)
Amar Andalkar  (email)  Ph.D. 2001 
Reina Maruyama  (email)  Ph.D. 2003  (now at Lawrence Berkeley N.L.)

Timo Koerber  (email)  Ph.D. 2003  (now at U. of Innsbruck)
Dr Tao Hong   (email)
    (now at Harvard University)
Clark Griffith  (email)  Ph.D. 2005
Claire Cramer  (email)  (now at CENPA)
Dr Roahn Wynar  (email)
Dr Masataka Iinuma   (email)
    (now at Hiroshima University)

Major Research Projects:
Search for a permanent
atomic electric dipole
moment in mercury

   Matt Swallows,
   Clark Griffith,
   Mike Romalis,
   Norval Fortson,
   Blayne Heckel

Measuring parity non-conservation
using a single trapped barium ion

   Jeff Sherman,
   Pete Morcos,
   Mayumi Fugami,
   Amar Andalkar,
   Anna Markhotok,
   Timo Koerber,
   Warren Nagourney,
   Norval Fortson

Trapping ytterbium atoms
for an optical frequency standard

   Eryn Cook,
   Tao Hong,
   Amar Andalkar,
   Claire Cramer,
   Reina Maruyama,
   Roahn Wynar,
   Warren Nagourney,
   Norval Fortson

Recent Publications .
      Refereed Papers and Conference Abstracts
Brief Introduction to Our Research   (not recently updated) .
      Tests of Atomic Parity Non-conservation (PNC) and Searches for Permanent Electric Dipole Moments (EDM)
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The quickest way to contact us is via e-mail (use links at top of page). .

Mailing Address:
UW Physics Department
Box 351560
Seattle, WA 98195-1560

Departmental Fax: (206) 685-0635

Our labs are located in the basement of the Physics-Astronomy Building (see campus map): .

Experiments: Hg EDM
Ba ion
Room: B051 B055 B063
Phone: (206) 685-0956 543-0143 543-6338

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