Traunkirchen 2010

  • Powerpoint with a slideshow of annotated pictures from the musico-logical trip to Traunkirchen, Prague and Vienna
  • Powerpoint of the Physics talk at the Quantum Workshop
  • Lecture Notes for the J.S.Bach / Mandelbrot talk / pipe organ demonstration at the Quantum Workshop
  • Lecture Notes for the public Kunst der Fuge lecture on "J.S.Bach, Complexity, Simplicity and Infinity"
  • Powerpoint of the public lecture
  • Note: the two sets of Lecture Notes are similar. The first covered more fugues, the second starts with a brief synapsis in both English and German. For a set of Program Notes covering all the fugues, see the Pinkham recital.
  • Powerpoint of the Festwochen presentation on "From Bach to Einstein and Beyond"
  • Program Notes for the "Somewhat Spiritual Mini-Recital" at the Vienna Court Chapel.