Project description:


<>Physics of Music investigates the production, propagation and perception of musical sound. Many aspects of this research are well suited for the participation of undergraduate students. Some current projects include:


<>modern methods in signal processing (e.g. the sinusoidal analysis/synthesis)


room acoustics studies using advanced "minimally intrusive" techniques based on Maximum-Length Sequence technology

experiments on absolute pitch perception

measurement and evaluation of the pipe organ sound

physics of consonance/dissonance

experimental[sic] investigation of "How Well-Tempered was Bach's Clavier?"

design of
PC-based (MIDI) instruments, with emphasis on the role of the imperfections necessary to achieve the perception of perfection.


<>The laboratory is equipped with a sound-proof room and a number of workstations (PC, MAC G4, NeXT, ...) driving a variety of hardware and software systems (MIDI keyboard and several soundcards, CLIO and SMAART room acoustics systems, LabVIEW data acquisition/analysis system etc.). More details can be found at


<>Prospective students are expected to spend at least 9 hours per week (corresponding to 3 Physics 400 or Music 499 credits), and they should have some experience in at least one of the following: computer maintenance and administration, computer programming (C#/C++/Java/Lisp/.... on PC/MAC/UNIX/...), MIDI (hardware, software, <>formats and protocols, ...), synthetizer hardware, synthetizer software (e.g. sampling and patch creation), knowledge of Csound, pd, MAX or similar packages, physics of waves and oscillations, and/or in electronic circuits.


Contact: Professor Vladi Chaloupka

Campus Box: 351560

Phone: 206-543-8965