The Oregon lectures

Vladimir Chaloupka (, University of Washington

The Beall Hall, Eugene, Oct. 29, 2009

I. The Music Student Forum:

the Powerpoint slides

II. The Public Lecture

the Powerpoint slides

the High Resolution Hubble Deep Field picture. This is a large file (115 MB) and not all browsers can deal with it. A nice (and free) viewer that can display it (and is useful for many other tasks) is IrfanView ( ). After downloading (on a PC, use the right click) and opening the file with ItfanView, zoom until you reach the picture size of about 6,000 times 6,000 pixels; then explore the galaxies in the privacy of your own room ...

the clip from the movie "Farinelli"; this is a huge file (1.5 GB). The corresponding text is on the Powerpoint slide 37 (please note that this is NOT Mozart's Queen of the Night, as originally intended ...).