The 2011 MENSA lectures.


Saturday July 2: 

Causality, Locality, Reality and Infinity in Modern Physics


Sunday July 3:

From Bach to Einstein and Beyond, or Dr. Chaloupka Sunday Service




The website contains large amount of writings on Science, Music and Society. Some specific suggestions for participants at one of the above lectures might include:


Art of Fugue: Variations on Science, Music and Society. An outline and first chapter of a highly personal and interdisciplinary book (in progress)


an essay on the Basic Problem: What Is To Be Done and an accompanying A Brief Tour through the potent mix of modern and ancient worlds.


an account of a somewhat unusual impact of one of my lectures, and a detailed report/essay on my Science and Society course


report on a 2010 Quantum Physics Conference (and a musico-logical trip to Europe) : slideshow, lecture and recital outlines and slides, ...




In the near future, I hope to finish and post two possibly interesting items:


1) a booklet on Quantum Physics for non-physicists (but maybe some physicists will find it of some interest, too)

2) an essay with the modest title "Determinism, Consciousness, Freedom of Will, Nature of 'I' and Quantum Physics, or The Meaning of It All."


In order to have an efficient way to communicate with the possibly interested people, I have established (with some trepidation, after a bad experience with Facebook) a Twitter account VladiChaloupka, and I will announce the availability of these essays there, as well as anything else that will seem noteworthy.