Core-collapse supernova equations of state based on neutron star observations

Steiner, Hempel and Fischer (2013)

Figure: Our new equations of state, SFHx and SFHo, along with several other commonly used equations of state.



Simulations of core-collapse supernovae require large pre-computed equation of state tables to describe the properties of matter in a wide range of conditions. However, many of the currently available tables are inconsistent with recent nuclear experiments and neutron star radius observations. In collaboration with M. Hempel (Basel) and T. Fischer (Wroclaw), we constructed two new equation of state tables (SFHo and SFHx) which match the binding energy and charge radii of ground-state nuclei and also produce neutron star radii which are consistent with recent observations.

The new tables are available at M. Hempel's site and also at

Our results are published in Astrophys. J. 774 (2013) 17.

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