Physics 325A Term Papers

                     Optional Physics 325 Term Papers

For students engaged in independent study, a term paper may be submitted
instead of taking the final with the consent of the instructor.


Term papers should deal with a topic related to an independent study
project and use techniques either covered in Phys 325 or which can
be treated with similar concepts.  All papers must contain a numerical
calculation.  An example is electron scattering and energy loss, using
Mathematica or other programming language or code.  Your paper should
focus on a single topic that can be adequatedly discussed in a short
term paper, rather one that that is highly technical.  No wikipedia content
is allowed.  Before you start, you *must* obtain consent of the instructor
on the suitability of your topic *before* the 2nd Midterm.


Papers should be written in the form of a short Science magazine or
Physical Review Letter article in language that an advanced undergraduate
physics student can understand.  Keep the discussion brief and as interesting
as possible: your paper should contain an introduction with motivation and
reasons for your interest in the topic. You may include comments on history
or previous work that you have found; boring technical details can go into an
Appendix.  The length should be less than 10 pages, including figures and
references but not the Appendix.  The Appendix should contain a copy of the
computer program or numerical methods that were used.  All papers MUST include
an abstract, introduction, body of the report and calculation, conclusions,
appropriate bibliography and Appendix. 

   Papers are due the day of the FINAL EXAM, Monday March 17, 2014