Physics 325A General information

    UNDER Construction  Physics 325 Quantum Mechanics   Winter 2014

     Location: Physics/Astronomy A110 

     Time: MWF 10:30 a.m. MWF 

     Instructor: J. Rehr, Office: B413 Physics, Tel. 543-8593
                 Office Hr: Tues 2:30 - 3:30 or by appointment 

    T.A. Paul J Emigh                    T.A.  Bridget Bertoni
    E-mail:                E-mail:
    Office: PAB C241                     Office: PAB B426
    Office hr: Wed 12:30-1:20            Office hr: Thurs 3-4pm or by appt

    PEG Coordinator: Gina Passante
    Office: PAB C224        


     Text: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 2nd Ed. by David J. Griffiths

     Quantum Physics, 2nd Edition by Gasiorowicz
     Quantum Mechanics by Cohen-Tennoudji, Diu and Laloe 
     Feynman Lectures on Physics by Feynman, Leighton and Sands, III

     Course:  Non-relativistic quantum mechanics. Physics 325 will focus
     on appoximation methods in the solution of the Schrodinger equation
     for various applications, i.e., Part II Applications in Griffiths.
     Topics include  atomic, molecular and condensed matter physics, 
     perturbation theory, the variational principle, WKB, and advanced 
     topics: scattering theory, Berry phase and Bell's theorem.
     This course stresses both conceptual and analytical understanding.

     Exams: There will be two mid-term exams and one two-hour final. All
     exams are closed book; however, one sheet of equations is permitted
     for the hour exam and two sheets are allowed for the final.  If
     you are now doing independent study a term paper may be substituted
     instead of the final with the consent of the instructor.

     Homework: Quantum Mechanics cannot be mastered without doing a lot
     of scratch work and exercises. Consequently homework is mandatory.
     Homework problems will be assigned each Friday and collected the
     following Friday.  Only selected problems will be graded and the
     lowest homework score will be dropped.  Late papers will not be
     accepted after the TA picks up the papers.  You are encouraged to
     collaborate with other students, but you MUST write your own solutions. 

     Grade: Midterms 100pts, Final 150 pts, Homework 100 pts; the lowest
     midterm, HW or 2/3 of the final will be dropped. Max 350 points.
     Occasional quizzes are "no-fault" and will be graded in class.