PHYS 588A: Particle Astrophysics Seminar

Schedule for Spring Quarter 2014

Meets: A114 PAB most Fridays at 3:30 pm (check schedule below)

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Convener:  R. J. Wilkes

We meet Fridays at 3:30 pm, but ONLY WHEN WE HAVE A SPEAKER, not every week. If you want to give a talk, if possible tell me at least 10 days in advance so we can get onto the weekly notices.
Any interested parties welcome! Students are invited to join, learn, and teach us what you have learned.

Students: you are welcome to attend any time, but please contact J. Wilkes in advance if you want to register for credit.
Students registered for credit must contribute a presentation OR submit a written report on one talk.

Date  Speaker  Topic 
Organizing session
Sandy Kline
BICEP2 and polarization
J. Wilkes
T2K update
5/23 Paul DeStefano
T2K time synchronization: results
5/30 TBA  

Speakers: If possible please send your talk's title to no later than Tuesday of the week before your talk, i.e. 10 days in advance. (If you send your title later, it can still appear on the daily email list of seminars, but will not be on the weekly posters).

If you would like to be on our mailing list for announcements, pls send email (address below).

Although other astrophysics topics will be discussed, will continue to focus on the physics of neutrino oscillations as studied in projects like Super-K and T2K.  
Notes from past sessions are posted here.

If you gave a talk, write up your notes and send me pdf and tex (or Word) files to post. Be sure to include auxiliary files for figures, etc. If you need help with the mechanics of Latexing, see .

You are strongly encouraged to maintain a website containing your own notes and links to references - best way to retain info for the future!  To learn how, see If you do create such a website, send me the URL so others can share your resources.

Add your contributions to the Neutrino Wiki Page (thanks to Kevin Connolly):

General references (more to be added as we go):

  1. hep-ph/0001264 (Akhmedov review paper)
  2. giunti-2006-hql06.pdf   (Giunti review talk slides)
  3. Seminar presentations - posting directory (same link as above)
  4. relevant papers - review papers about topics we discuss