Syllabus for PHYS 544U, Spring Quarter, 2005
R. J. Wilkes 
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Preliminary: subject to change 5/13/2005
Feynman Lectures, Vol. II   (see also D. Griffiths, Intro. to Electrodynamics)
Taylor and Wheeler, Spacetime Physics
R. Feynman, "QED: the strange theory of light and matter"
D. Griffiths, "Introduction to electrodynamics" (or any other standard E&M textbook)
T. A. Moore, "A Traveler's Guide to Spacetime"
NOTE: Read assignments in both Feynman Lectures and T&W before first class each week.
Feynman / T&W
29-Mar Maxwell's Equations 18
31-Mar Spacetime 1
5-Apr 4-vector E&M 25
7-Apr Floating free 2
12-Apr Lorentz transformations of the fields 26
14-Apr Same laws for all 3
19-Apr Field energy and momentum 27
21-Apr  Lorentz transformations  *** Project proposals due *** Special Topic L
26-Apr Electromagnetic mass 28
28-Apr Trip to Canopus 4
3-May Tensors and groups *** Project #1 due *** 31
5-May Trekking through spacetime 5
10-May Free space solutions, and with charges and currents 20,21
12-May Regions of spacetime 6
17-May Momenergy; Collision kinematics 7
19-May Forces in relativity Notes
24-May Collide/create/annihilate  8
26-May Quantum electrodynamics Notes;
Feynman, "QED..."
31-May Quantum electrodynamics Notes;
Feynman, "QED..."
2-Jun *** Project #2 due ***
Gravity: curved spacetime in action; 
Student project presentations. (Reports in the form of papers or websites also due)
  NOTE: NO FINAL EXAM during exam week. Class is over after 2-Jun-2005.  
Last updated: 5/13/2005