Workshop on the

Frontiers of Parton Distribution Functions
on the Lattice

November 6–8, 2013
Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China


The aims of this workshop are to form a collaborative network to assist the progress of the direct lattice-QCD calculations of the parton distribution functions (PDFs). There are two main foci of this meeting (although other topics are not proscribed):

  1. the theoretical work (such as perturbative QCD) needed to connect lattice-QCD quantities to continuum ones;
  2. the implementation and improvement of direct PDF calculations on the lattice.

We hope to advance our knowledge and form collaborations to determine the PDFs from first principles.



Please email the workshop secretary Mrs. Tong, Weilian regarding visas, accommodations, local information or other questions. Email the workshop organizers regarding the workshop program and physics-related topics.