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Through the orchestrated use of lasers, electronics, and ultra-high vacuum technology it is possible to cool atomic gases to temperatures very near Absolute Zero (nanoKelvins) where their behavior is completely dominated by quantum mechanics. Here matter waves can interfere like laser beams and can flow without friction. Precise manipulations of these ultracold atoms with lasers and magnetic fields allow fundamental studies in quantum physics, insights into more complex systems known in condensed matter physics and nuclear physics, and applications in quantum information science. Our group is interested in the physics of quantum mixtures of different atomic species, production and study of dipolar molecular gases formed from ultracold atoms, and precision interferometry with Bose-Einstein condensates. Check the research page for details of our work.

There are often openings for motivated students, post-docs and visitors to join our research efforts. Please direct inquiries to Deep Gupta

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Recent News

Dec 14
Chao is awarded a Mary Gates Fellowship. Congrats!

Nov 14
Ricky and Deep attend MURI meeting at UCLA and present poster and talk.

Yb BEC contrast interferometer paper is accepted in PRA.

Sep 14
Alan starts post-doc position with Ketterle group at MIT.

Aug 14
Ben, Ricky, and Deep attend ICAP in Washington DC. Ben and Ricky present posters.

July 14
Alan successfully defends his thesis on July 18. Congrats Dr. Jamison!

Dan Gochnauer returns as a graduate student. Welcome back Dan!

June 14
Will and Alan give talks, group presents 2 posters at Damop conference in Madison, WI.

Stephen DiIorio from Union College joins the group as a summer REU student. Welcome!

May 14
Brendan and Chao are both inducted into Sigma Pi Sigma National Honor Society! Congrats guys! Way to go!

April 14
Submitted paper on Yb BEC contrast interferometer.

Alaina gets honorable mention on NSF graduate fellowship competition.

Dec 13
Paper on mixture of metastable Yb and Li is accepted in PRL.

Nov 13
Alex successfully defends his PhD thesis on Nov 26. Congrats Alex!

Brendan is awarded a UW Mary Gates Fellowship. Congrats!

Sep 13
Submitted paper on mixture of metastable Yb and Li.

Anders starts as Optical Engineer at Tomra Systems, Norway. Congrats!

Aug 13
Anders successfully defends his PhD thesis on Aug 21. Congrats Anders!

Graduate student Alaina Green joins the group. Welcome!

July 13
Graduate student Katie McAlpine joins the group. Welcome!

June 13
Dan Gochnauer from Millersville University joins the group as a summer REU student. Welcome!

May 13
Alan wins the UW Physics Dehmelt Award. Congrats!

Post-doc Raj Shrestha joins the group. Welcome!

Jan 13
Paper on Li-Yb production with controllable inter-species overlap appears in PRA.

Nov 12
Submitted paper on Li-Yb production with controllable inter-species overlap.

Oct 12
Will, Ricky, and Deep attend the ARO-MURI kickoff meeting in MIT (Cambridge, MA).

Sep 12
Brendan Saxberg joins the group. Welcome!

Aug 12
Alan, Anders, and Alex present posters at the ICAP conference in France.

Dynamics of Feshbach molecules paper accepted in PRA.

We are awarded an Army MURI Grant (in collaboration with Yale, MIT, JILA, Harvard U, Stanford U, Temple U, U of Nevada (Las Vegas))

July 12
Dynamics of Feshbach molecules paper submitted

June 12
Ricky Roy joins the group. Welcome!

Will and Alan give talks, the group presents two posters at the DAMOP conference in Anaheim, CA

May 12
Alex receives the UW Physics Miller Award. Congrats!

Ben S presents a poster at the UW undergrad research symposium

Ben S awarded a NASA-SURP fellowship for summer research. Congrats!

March 12
We are awarded a grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research

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Some recent group research news:

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Li-Yb mixtures with controllable overlap
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Dynamics of Feshbach molecules
Laser-driven Sisyphus cooling
Li-Yb Double degeneracy
BEC IFM paper
Interaction effects in a BEC interferometer
Yb BEC achieved in our lab
Sympathetic cooling paper
Li-Yb sympathetic cooling

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