Group Members of

Ultracold Atoms and Molecules Research

at the University of Washington

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Current Members

Insert funny caption here
Subhadeep Gupta
*Wingardium Leviosa!*
Anders Hansen
*What is this thing..?*
Alex Khramov
Happy to no longer be some swageconnectors
Will Dowd
Alan Jamison
Ooh what a feeling! // When I'm hanging from the ceiling!
Ben Plotkin-Swing
Ricky Roy
My feedback circuits will soon control the lab.
Ben Schwyn
Need a real picture here
Brendan Saxberg

Past Members

Cool story bro.
Charlie Fiesler (REU 11)
*this is the only picture we got*
Vlad Ivanov (Post-Doc 09-11)
Frank Muenchow (Visitor 10)
Eric Lee-Wong (Undergrad 09-10)
Jason Grad (Undergrad 09-10)
Jiawen Pi (Undergrad 09-10)
Ryne Saxe (REU 09)
Carson Teale (REU 09)
We found the optics more interesting than Lee
Lee Willcockson (Grad 07-08)
The iPod is surgically attached
Billy English (Undergrad 08)
Ryan being stretched on the rack
Ryan Weh (Undergrad 08-09)
*Not another day...*
Kalista Smith (Grad 08-09)
Nolan pointing the way
Nolan Maloney (REU 08)
insert funny here
Dane Odekirk (Undergrad 08-09)