Particle Theory Visitor Information

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Upon Arrival:

Please see your host, or any faculty member in the group; they can show you to a desk and if appropriate loan you our guest keys. Please lock your door when you are not in your office; regrettably, there have been occasional thefts. Note: After approximately 5:30pm, the entry doors to the fourth floor (both stairwells and elevators) are automatically locked. If you leave the floor without your main entry key, you will not be able to return.

Computer access

A group member can provide the guest login-id and password needed to use the desktop computer at your desk, or create a wireless networking account. If you have a laptop which needs a wired connection, do not unplug the network connection of the desktop computer (or shut it down); ask to use one of our network hubs instead.


For UW numbers, just dial the last 5 digits. For local calls, dial 9 + areacode + number. For long distance use, please see a group member for an authorization code. Incoming faxes may be sent to our fax machine at 206-616-9172.

Video projector

Let us know in advance if you will need a video projector for your seminar.

Expense Reimbursment

If your expenses are being reimbursed by the UW, then you will be asked to sign a Travel Expense Voucher (TEV) upon arrival. Please save all receipts over $50, such as hotel, car rental, etc., and give these receipts to your host. If you are not a US citizen (or permanent resident), we must also make a copy of your I-94 form attached to your passport --- without this, we cannot reimburse you.

Upon Departure:

If you have borrowed a set of our guest keys, please don't forget to leave them!  Either lock them in the office provided, or give them to a group member upon your departure. To arrange a ride to SeaTac airport, you may call Shuttle Express at 206-622-1424 for shuttle service, Seattle Town Car Service at 206-444-5400 for a private car, or Orange Cab at 206-522-8800 for a taxi. After you return home, please fax any receipts over $50, for which copies were not already left with your host, to 206-616-9172. Processing of reimbursement checks typically takes 3-4 weeks.
Last modified: 10/18/2005