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Because we are NIH funded, all of our publications should be freely available. If you do not have access to the publication from the link provided, you may need to go through the PubMed website. If you have trouble, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a copy.

Molecular Dynamics Study of MspA Arginine-Mutants Predicts Slow DNA Translocations and Ion Current Blockades Indicative of DNA Sequence.
S. Bhattacharya, I. Derrington, M. Pavlenok, M. Niederweis, J. Gundlach, and Aleksei Aksimentiev
ACS Nano 6(8) pp 6960-6968, July 2, 2012

Reading DNA at single-nucleotide resolution with a mutant MspA nanopore and phi29 DNA polymerase
Elizabeth A Manrao, Ian M Derrington, Andrew H Laszlo, Kyle W Langford, Matthew K Hopper, Nathaniel Gillgren, Mikhail Pavlenok, Michael Niederweis & Jens H Gundlach
Nature Biotechnology (Cover), April 2012

MspA Nanopores from Subunit Dimers.
M. Pavlenok, I. Derrington, J. Gundlach, M Niederweis
PLoS ONE 7(6) e38726, October 4, 2011

Nucleotide Discrimination with DNA Immobilized in the MspA Nanopore
Elizabeth A. Manrao, Ian M. Derrington, Mikhail Pavlenok, Michael Niederweis, Jens H. Gundlach
PLoS ONE 6(10) e25723, October 2011

Unsupported planar lipid membranes formed from mycolic acids of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Kyle W. Langford, Boyan Penkov, Ian M. Derrington and Jens H. Gundlach
Journal of Lipid Research 52(37) 272-277, February 2011

Nanopore DNA sequencing with MspA
Ian M. Derrington, Tom Z. Butler, Marcus D. Collins, Elizabeth Manrao, Mikhail Pavlenok, Michael Niederweis, and Jens H. Gundlach
PNAS 107(37) 16060-16065, September 2010

Single-molecule DNA detection with an engineered MspA protein nanopore
Tom Z. Butler, Mikhail Pavlenok, Ian M. Derrington, Michael Niederweis, and Jens H. Gundlach
PNAS 105(52) 20647-20652, December 2008

The potential and challenges of nanopore sequencing
Daniel Branton, David W. Deamer, Andre Marziali, Hagan Bayley, Steven A Benner, Thomas Butler, Massimiliano Di Ventra, Slaven Garaj, Andrew Hibbs, Xiaohua Huang, Stevan B Jovanovich, Predrag S Krstic, Stuart Lindsay, Xinsheng Sean Ling, Carlos H. Mastrangelo, Amit Meller, John S. Oliver, Yuriy V. Pershin, J. Michael Ramsey, Robert Riehn, Gautam V. Soni, Vincent Tabard-Cossa, Meni Wanunu, Matthew Wiggen and Jeffery A. Schloss
Nature Biotechnology 26 1146-1153, October 2008

Ionic current blockades from DNA and RNA molecules in the alpha-hemolysin nanopore.
Tom Z. Butler, Jens H. Gundlach, and Mark Troll
Biophysical Journal 93 3229-3240, November 2007

Determination of RNA orientation during translocation through a biological nanopore.
Tom Z. Butler, Jens H. Gundlach, and Mark Troll
Biophysical Journal 90 190-196, January 2006

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